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      Heavy Cotton Polo

      Product Code: 4504

      Colours Available:

      *Colours viewed on the computer may differ from the original product.

      Heavy Cotton Polo

      An ideal quality for those who prefer a thick polo shirt.

      Though the fabric is thick its knit ensures the polo has a great fall and has a soft feel. Made from 100% fine quality cotton.

      Product Specifications:

      • 270 - 280 gsm 
      • 100% combed ring-spun cotton
      • Compacted Pre-shrunk
      • Double needle stitch on shoulder, sleeves and cuffs, having side slits on the bottom hem
      • 3 Button placket with dyed to match buttons and bottom box stitch
      • Color fastness Guaranteed

      Ideal Usage:

      Mild winter

      Weekend office wear

      Semi-formal occasions

      Size Chart

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      Cotton Polo T-shirt Manufacturer and Supplier in Mumbai and Tirupur in India

      The Everyday Cotton T-Shirt

      One of the most common style of t-shirts that is worn by people all over the world is the round neck t-shirt. It is one of the simplest yet fashionable styles of t-shirt and is the go to choice for people from all age brackets. A plain round neck t-shirt has a certain charm to it but at the same time it is blank canvas where you can portray your heart and soul on it thus bringing the t-shirt to life. 


      Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

      The heavy cotton t-shirt is one of Casablanca Apparels unique round neck t-shirts as it is slightly heavier than the other round neck t-shirts but still provides the same comfort level. Casablanca Apparels beingIndia’s largest manufacturer of quality promotional wear believe that it is important to give people a range of t-shirts as every t-shirt has its own unique purpose and function. The heavy cotton round neck t-shirt gives the wearer a feeling of completion, in the sense that the wearer feels whole and satisfied with the clothing they have on. The features of the heavy cotton t-shirt are ones that you don’t know about but want in every cotton round neck t-shirt:

      -      It is a round neck t-shirt with a 2% lycra rib so the neck does not lose shape after multiple washes

      -      Made from 100% ring-spun cotton

      -      Pre-shrunk and colour fastness is guaranteed

      -      Double hem needle stich at the hem and bottom thus retaining the overall shape of the t-shirt

      -      Anti-piling

      The heavy cotton t-shirt is available in 4 bold colours. The t-shirt is the slightly heavy for a round neck t-shirt with the GSM being around 210-220.


      The Heavy Cotton Polo T-Shirt is ideal for:

      -      The t-shirt is ideal for daily wear by college students

      -      Road shows where the wearer is constantly on the move

      -      Mass promotion as it is not only affordable but of high quality 

      -      To print a club emblem, company/ brand logo or also embroidering a team name and number for corporate sport events


      And lastly, here’s why you should trust Casablanca Apparels with all your concerns regarding quality round neck t-shirts:

      We are Polo T-shirt manufacturers in Tirupur and operate from our Mumbai office as well. Our company specialises in manufacturing corporate attire for large events or promotions. We even have ready stock available in our best selling products and colours, making deliveries possible at short notice. We have curated a line of t-shirts with a range of qualities for all climatic conditions and types of events. For instance, one day events for large groups or even promotional giveaways need not exceed the set budget as we offer t-shirts with a lower price point than some of our higher priced items. This affordable price range is one of the benefits of buying Polo t-shirts wholesale in India. In providing options with respect to colours, styles and contrasting combinations, we have not strayed from our signature theme. We have dabbled in new creative ventures over the years by incorporating muted colours and newer fabrics into our collection without losing sight of market demands. Through our garments we hope to facilitate a dynamic work culture and personal expression while adhering to the norms of a workplace.