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      Internship Programmes


      If you are a graduate or undergraduate looking to experience real business at a company servicing multinationals, we offer internships that allow you to see for yourself what Casablanca Apparels is all about. Being an intern means more than getting involved in the day-to-day running of the company. As an intern, you'll get exposure to real projects and challenges in a vibrant environment and gain real-world experience. You will get to go to meetings and at the same time be able to close orders on the companies behalf.

      Undergraduate internships: Our interns are sought after for an assortment of functions and can benefit from learning beyond the classroom when they gain hands-on experience with India’s largest promotional t-shirt producer.

      Graduate Internships: MBA and graduate interns are expected to contribute to the success of Casablanca Apparels through innovative ideas and value creation gained both in school and through previous work experience. Recent graduates often possess fresh knowledge, allowing them to play a key role in the companies progress. On occasion, if an intern does manage to go above and beyond of what is expected of them then based on talent needs of our business, few interns may have the opportunity to become full-time Casablanca employees.

      Summer Jobs at Casablanca Apparels: undergraduate students hired per 3 months, the process begins mid-June & is a great way to experience how business is done.

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