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      Why Are Masks With Valves/filters Do More Harm Than Good?

      The COVID-19 pandemic has gotten people to adopt various methods of protecting themselves against the virus and the primary method is by wearing a face mask. The face mask acts as a barrier between the face and the pollutants and germs that are in the air. Given the high demand for face masks compan...

      Get T-shirts Printed For Fulfilling Your Market Place Orders

       Market Place t-shirt order fulfilment with Direct to Garment Printing We manufacture blank t-shirts with your label as per your style and specification, even as you receive an order we will print it and dispatch it on your behalf. You need to share with us the quality of t-shirt you need u...

      Customised T-shirts

      Customised T-shirts
      The value of a product is instantly augmented if it is personalised or custom-made for the purpose of personal use or to symbolise a shared social or communal value as it creates a sense of unity among those who possess it. And here at Casablanca Apparels we offer a variety of printing technique...

      How To Start A T-shirt Business

      How to Start a T-shirt Business
      There is nothing better than making your passion your business, starting a new business is always exciting especially if it brings out the creativity in you. Starting a t-shirt business may seem fun and exciting nevertheless, to make yours a success story you need to have a plan in place and the...

      The Attire Of The Sporting World

      Numerous sports captivate millions of sportsmen and sportswomen around the world on a daily basis. In addition, different sports use different fabric materials which are staged by these sport star for the whole world to witness.Sports like football, cricket, basketball, volleyball etc use 'Polyester...

      Are Low Quality T-Shirts Really Worth It?

      When you are promoting your brand/company you want to create a lasting impression on your target audience and to do so one requires a platform that enables you to create the desired impression. Usually when one thinks of promoting one’s company/brand on a t-shirt they tend to be on a budget and so o...

      The Evolution Of The T-Shirt

      Late 19th century America is when undergarments made from hosiery fabric appeared in the market. Initially, the one-piece union suit underwear made for the army came in two parts, with the top which was long enough to tuck into the trouser waist. Available in 2 styles, with and without buttons ...

      The Greatest Promotional And Gifting Idea Of The 21st Century

      1 Comment
      Since the beginning of the 21st century, the number of gifting ideas that have come into fashion and faded away is countless, all except one idea. The T-SHIRT is by far the greatest gifting idea of the 21st century and will continue to remain so.Research has shown that 76.1% of consumers given a pro...

      What Is GSM

      What is GSM
      What is a GSM and is it right to compare only on the basis of GSM? How Important is a GSM in the evaluation of a T-shirt? Its been well over 25 years for me in the business of manufacturing t-shirts and I have never understood why clients equate high GSM with better quality. After all GSM (...

      Why Do T-Shirts Fade

      1. Manufacturer Compromising on Process : Realizing that GSM is one of the main parameters in comparing quotations, some manufacturers skip an entire process. Ideally after the grey fabric (raw fabric) is knitted, it is semi-bleached -a process known as RFD (ready for dyeing) and then dyed....
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