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      69 Turtles Polo

      Product Code: 69TURTLES POLO MEN

      Colours Available:

      *Colours viewed on the computer may differ from the original product.

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      69 Turtles Polo

      Perfect casual wear for body-conscious clothing.

      69 Turtles in slim silhouette with fine stripe on the ribs and collar and a bold signature of your style with the collar up compliments your attitude.

      Crafted in fine quality pure cotton with UV protection, Antibacterial and Bio wash treatments ensures you stay cool and ready to make your move.

      Product Specifications:

      • 100% combed ring-spun cotton
      • Pique knit
      • Compacted Pre-shrunk
      • Double needle stitch on the shoulder, sleeves and bottom hem
      • 3 Button placket with dyed to match buttons and bottom
      • Soft flow dyed and colour fastness guaranteed
      • Bio-Washed
      • Anti-Bacterial
      • UV Protected

      Ideal Usage:

      Weekend office wear

      Size Chart

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      In today’s times, corporate clothing is a very popular way for companies to instill a sense of belongingness, pride and to create a weekend fun dress code (casual) for their employees. Many companies practice this trend to wear these corporate designed t-shirts either on a Friday, Saturday or any one or more chosen day of the week. We at Casablanca work with corporate clients to come up with t-shirt designs in commensurate with their requirement of quality of material, themes (occasion), color combinations, logos etc. 

      Be it a sports related event, conference meet, product launch or promotion on a mass scale, we have it all covered under one roof, right from suggesting the right fabric to the client, right colors, branding & most suited corporate t-shirt designs.

      Our years of market research and understanding of customer needs has prompted us to create some of best t-shirt designs under popular brands like Ruffty, Carbonni, RuffTy Sports, 69 Turtles etc.   

      For example, Carbonni T-shirt design has single line contrast tipping on collar & cuff and is available in 24 colors. 

      RuffTy t-shirt design has 2 line contrast tipping on collar, cuff and contrast inner button placket.It is available in 30 beautifulcolors. These t-shirts are available ready of the rack to cater urgent requirement and requirement that are smaller in numbers & yet giving our client’s the luxury of choosing and having the best under the circumstances. 

      With ever changing trends there is always a need to upgrade styles and patterns. At Casablanca Apparels we keep ourselves busy ‘round the clock to churn up new corporate t-shirt designs, presenting our clients with various options to choose from. When it comes to t-shirts, there is no end to corporate t-shirt designing, a sea of colors and various patterns to play around with different color combinations, giving birth to a new variety each time.  Our design team is constantly upgrading itself with new ideas and technologies so it can meet the demand from customers at the same time beat the competition in the ever-increasing market.   

      While we’re at it, we bear in mind the aesthetics of every t-shirt design created thus delivering the best we can. Every new corporate t-shirt design is created bearing in mind the corporate colors of a particular client or their logo color or a product color to help promote and create a lasting impact, which means recreating the desired concept with perfection. Another important aspect in corporate t-shirt design is getting the branding (printing / embroidery size) correct such that it is aesthetically appealing. With ever increasing demand and tough competition, it is our endeavor to deliver economical, good quality t-shirts in perfect sizes within the stipulated time period.  We at Casablanca have an in-house design team which liaises with our clients to understand their requirement.  We then co-ordinate with our able factory co-workers to get the chosen right material, color, pattern, branding etc. and tailor it ourselves to cater to our customer needs.  Based on customer requirement we suggest best suited knitted fabric to produce the requisite t-shirts.  We try to achieve color perfection through our state of the art dyeing techniques and ensure color fastness.