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      5 Layer Face Masks

      Product Code: 5lfm

      Colours Available:

      *Colours viewed on the computer may differ from the original product.

      5 Layer Face Masks (PPE)

      The ideal mask to help you stay safe during the COVID-19 crisis

      Product Specifications:

      • 5 Layers
      • Cotton and Polyester layered
      • Washable and Reusable
      • Colour fastness guaranteed
      • Anti-Bacterial treated
      • Comfort fit

      Ideal Usage:

      Ideal for places where there is a lot of pollution

      Ideal for travelling in public transport

      Perfect for when sick and need to travel

      Ideal for public places and congested areas

      Mask Detail


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      Manufacturer of PPE 5 Layer Face Masks

      Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) 

      Casablanca Apparels are manufactures of (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment primarily being Face Masks. The Casablanca 5 layer face mask allows the wearer to breathe easily while providing a comfort fit which allows the wearer to wear it for long hours without causing irritation. Made from cotton and polyester layers the 5 layer face mask provides a comfortable feel while wearing it while being sturdy enough to protect you from dust, pollution, bacteria and any other airborne pollutants. The 5 layer face mask is Machine washable and reusable this making it long-lasting and durable while keeping its shape and size without shrinkage. Available in 3 bold colour’s, we also offer the service of sublimation printing on the 5 layer mask thus allowing companies/co-operate to showcase their logos. One of the major advantages of the 5 layer face mask that is manufactured by Casablanca is that it does not have a nozzle on it, thus preventing air that one breath out not to escape easily. Not having a nozzle contains the air within the of the mask, thus protecting others around you as well from the air you are breathing out.