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      Established in 1993 Casablanca Apparels is one of India’s largest manufacturer of quality promotional wear. We are vendors of t-shirts, shirts safety wear, jackets, polo shirts to over 1500 business partners and 4,000 companies in India and overseas. We are an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company. Our DUNS Number is 91-861-9495

      Products We Manufacture:

      Manufacturer of Promotional T-shirts and Polo Shirts.

      Our factory is located in Tirupur, India and head office in Mumbai. We hold ready stocks of blanks which are available at wholesale prices through our distributor network in Delhi, Bangalore, Tirupur, Hyderabad, Cochin, Jaipur, Indore, Nagpur, Pune, Chennai, Ahmadabad, Ahmednagar, Goa, Nashik. For the rest of the country and our International buyers, our Mumbai and Tirupur office fulfill the requirement. We have an in-house dyeing unit too which ensures our quality and color tones are consistent throughout the year.  In-house printing and embroidery unit to ensure your company logo is replicated in one of the best production facilities in India.

      Following are the products we offer:

      Wholesalers of Blank plain t-shirts:

      Blank in 18 color and sizes from Small to 5 XL are always readily available with us. These t-shirts are DTG printing friendly and is available at wholesale prices through our distributor network.  Manufacturing good quality in 100% cotton for the promotional segment of the industry is our specialty. Our t-shirts are compacted pre-shrunk and are guaranteed for color fastness. Presently we are vendors to well over 4000 companies in India and overseas and have a business module in place for business partners too. Our quality is equivalent if not better than many popular brands you get in the retail segment.

      Ready stocks of t-shirts are available with us in the following qualities.  They all are pre-shrunk come with a color fastness guarantee and are readily available in as many as 18 color options.

      145 GSM / 4.3 ounces 100% cotton t-shirt.

      Round neck in 9 popular color options are readily available with us

      View technical details and color options readily available:


      180 GSM / 4.3 ounces 100% cotton t-shirt

      Round neck in 18 color options are readily available with us

      View technical details and color options readily available:


      170 GSM / 4.3 ounces 100% cotton bio wash T-shirt

      DTG printable Bio Wash are readily available with us in 12 popular colors.

      View technical details and color options readily available:



      Wholesalers of Polo Shirts (Collar T-Shirts)

      Manufacturing good quality Polo shirts at wholesale prices is our strength and has made us one of the most sought after brand in the promotional garment industry in India. We offer ready stocks of polo shirts in  48 colors in both men and women styles with size options from Small to 5 XL. To make it convenient for our clients we have set up a distributor network in all major cities in India and they hold ready stocks in variegating colors , sizes and qualities. Everything that we manufacture is compacted pre-shrunk and come with a color fastness guarantee.

      We hold ready stocks of Polo T-shirts in the following qualities

      220 gsm 100% cotton in an economy range

      Our 220 gsm comes in a slim fit style, it is an entry model to our range and is aggressively priced  without compromising on the quality.

      View technical details and color options readily available:


      230 gsm 100% cotton polo t-shirt

      It is a all time favorite among-st our clients, our 220 gsm polo is available in 42 color options and sizes ranging from Small to 5 XL.

      View technical details and color options readily available:


      260 gsm 100% cotton polo  t-shirt

      One of our fasting moving qualities of polo t-shirts which is  perfect for those preferring a slightly thicker fabric.  This quality is available in 42 colours and sizes from Small to 5XL.

      View technical details and colour options readily available:


      280 gsm 100% cotton polo  T-shirt

      Ideal for those who prefer a bit of bulk!  Although thick, the knit style gives a soft feel to the fabric and therefore , it falls well on the body.

      View technical details and color options readily available:


      230 gsm moisture management Polo  t-shirt

      Its a all time favorite for those who prefer a t-shirt as a uniform. It is a 100% cotton on the inside 100% polyester on the outside. This polo shirt  gives the comfort of a pure cotton and absorbs perspiration  whereas, the outside polyester give it durability and makes it stain resistant too.  Because of all these properties this polo shirt is a perfect daily work wear.

      View technical details and color options readily available:



      220 gsm polyester cotton polo  t-shirt

      This polo t-shirt is a blend of polyester cotton, works well as a daily wear work wear.

      View technical details and colour options readily available:


      250 gsm golf t-shirt with lycra

      Made from fine cotton yarn and 3% lycra, it’s soft and comfortable and gives you the kind of the flexibility you need while playing sports.

      View technical details and colour options readily available:


      260 gsm Premium Golf T-shirt

      Manufactured from one of the finest natural yarns. The yarn is sourced from Lenzing, an Austrian company. This golf polo shirt comes with a guarantee of not loosing it’s soft feel even after 50 washes. Available in 3 color options

      View technical details and color options readily available:


      Collared T-shirts  with Single Line Tipping

      Ideal for those who want to break the monotony of a plain t-shirt, a contrast single line tipping on the collar and cuffs  with an attractive neck tape and side slits . This style of the polo t-shirt is available in 24 color options.

      View technical details and color options readily available:


      Collared T-shirts with Double Line Tipping

      It has a double line tipping on the collar and cuffs matching to the inner placket  and is available in both men and women style in assorted sizes . We have 30 color options readily available in this quality. 

      View technical details and color options readily available:


      Jacquard Collar Polo Shirt

      This bio wash polo shirt has strikingly contrast colors on the inside of the collar and visible when it’s raised. It is available in 12 color options and has been treated for anti UV and anti microbes (bacteria)

      View technical details and color options readily available:


      Adidas T-shirt Supplier

      We offer original Adidas tees and jackets for your brand promotions. Although we do not manufacture it we are offering it for those who are brand conscious.

      View technical details and color options readily available:


      Manufacturer of Branded T-shirts

      We manufacture our own brands too. Some of them are Ruffty, Carbonni, HighO2, WildHorn, 69Turtles and also offer Adidas. They are very popular among'st companies for their product promotions because of the quality , pricing and our commitment  to delivery schedules.  Good quality t-shirts are now available at very reasonable prices. Each of the brands have their own distinctive characteristics with double or single line tipping on the collar or a jacquard collar and they come with a bio wash, anti-uv , anti bacteria treatments.  The same is available in both men and women styling and sizes ranging from small to 5 XL.

      Sweatshirt Manufacturer:

      We are manufacturers and suppliers of sweatshirts, hoodies and jackets in 100% Cotton and Blends too. Ready stocks are always available with us in the popular colors.  For large quantities we also custom design the sweatshirts as per your requirement . The prices for these sweatshirts  are extremely  competitive though it’s never at the cost of quality .  Casablanca  sweatshirts are sturdy and hold good for a very long time. Our sweatshirts are very popular among'st companies and colleges and fraternities in India and abroad.

      View technical details and color options readily available:


      Manufacturer of Jackets

      Manufacturing Jackets as per your requirement has been one of our specialties. Mild winter jackets, photographer jacket or safety jackets made from cotton, nylon, polyester or suede , we do it all. All you need to do is share what you have in mind and we will manufacture it for you in the colour and style that best suits your requirement. We also have an in-house printing and embroidery unit whereby you could be assured that your company logo will be replicated in the best of production facilities. Presently we are jacket vendors to over 4,000 companies in India.

      Manufacturer of Shirts

      We have been in the business of manufacturing formal shirts and daily work wear since 1995 and are shirt vendors  to over 4000 companies. Depending upon your need we custom manufacture shirts along with your company logo embroidery or printing as per your requirement. We offer a wide range of fabric options ranging from 100% cotton ,  polyester cotton to polyester viscose with options of chambray, filafil, oxford and solid plains. A new entry in the Casablanca range are shirts made of hosiery fabric .

      Daily Work Wear Manufacturer

      We manufacture aprons, dust coats , overalls and safety jackets in  different fabric and color options  of your choice. They are custom manufactured and styled as per your specifications and trimmings such as reflectors on the jacket or pockets on the aprons and dust coats. Share your requirement along with  the logo you may want printed or embroidered.

      Custom T-shirt Manufacturer:

      If you have a requirement for a particular style or quality beyond the ones we offer readily. Do share the technical specifications or the image and we can custom manufacture it for you with your private labeling. The costing is sensitive to the quantity you require therefore it is best to check with us the minimum order quantity needed to ensure the order is viable and you get a competitive price.

      Our Manufacturing Facility:

      We are in a constant process of upgrading to newer technologies which atomizes  our manufacturing process to reduce manpower , increase our productivity, reduce our cost of production and offer value addition to the garment.


      Manufacturing Capacity:

      We have an in-house manufacturing capacity of approximately 20,000 pieces a day. Although we keep stocks of blanks we also accept cut and sew designs along with private  labeling.

      DTG ( Direct to Garment) Printing in Tirupur 

      We have a Kornit Storm direct to garment printing machine in Tirupur whereby,  we can print about 2500 pieces a day. You could partner with us for your printed t-shirt order  with your private labeling. We offer good quality printing without compromising on quality or delay, this has helped us gain a reputation as one of the most reliable direct to garment fulfillment service providers.

      Sublimation Printing in Tirupur:

      We have  Epson sublimation printing machines with which you could be assured of print quality and it’s consistency of the print.  Our sublimation printing prices are very competitive though it’s never at the cost of quality or timely delivery. We only use genuine Epson cartridges whereby,  you can be assured of the vibrancy of the sublimation print.

      Compressed T-shirt Manufacturer in Tirupur, India

      You could use any of the ready molds we have with us such as round, square, palm top, bike, bottle and many or if you would need a particular shape as per your design and specifications  the same too is possible. All our compressed t-shirts are compacted pre-shrunk and are guaranteed to be the quality you have chosen.

      Dyeing Unit in Tirupur:

      At Casablanca Apparels we have invested in a dyeing unit only to maintain consistency in quality. Color fastness is guaranteed and you can be assured that there is consistency of color tones in every repeat dyeing batch through the season. We have also invested in a sample dyeing machine too and whereby color specific samples can be manufactured within 3 working days.

      Designing and Sampling

      We work on CAD and have a dedicated pattern making team who will help create a sample as per your specification. Once the design is approved we give it a reference number and save it on your behalf for always. Usually the sample is shipped  within a day nevertheless,  if it is a color specific sample then we need 3-4 working days to ship including any logo printing or embroidery you may need.

      Embroidery Unit in Tirupur and Mumbai:

      Realizing the need for good quality embroidery we have set our own unit comprising of only Tajima machines whereby, we are assured of quality and consistency. We also have an in-house design digitizing team in Mumbai and Tirupur. Cut pieces of fabric or ready garments our embroidery machines can embroider on both options. We do our embroidery sampling too on our production machines this ensures the quality we send to you for approval will be the same as the bulk requirement.

      Ecodome Printing on in Tirupur

      Ecodome printing is relatively a new addition to our manufacturing line.  We can now offer  3 D printing with halftones in matt, gloss or metallic finishes.  Company logos which otherwise are very difficult to replicate in embroidery are now possible with Ecodome.

      Stitching Unit in Tirupur:

      We have a stitching capacity of approximately 20,000 pieces a day. To ensure the quality we manufacture, all our sewing machines are maintained by OEM and every 3 to 4 years we upgrade them. Our sewing machines have automatic thread cutters which helps prevent loose threads hanging.

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