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      Stripe Shirt

      Product Code: SCR MEN

      Stripe Shirt

      A Casablanca cotton rich striped shirt has been crafted to ensure good breathe-ability to your skin and will make you look as fresh at the end of the day as in the beginning. It's a perfect dress code for the man on the move. The cuffs are designed to allow you to add style with links. Ideal for outbound activity.

      Product Specifications:

      • Cotton Rich
      • Blend : 72% Polyester 28% Cotton
      • Weave : Design
      • Gsm : 2/80s PC white X 84 dyed

      Ideal Usage:

      Formal office wear

      Outstation conferences

      Size Chart

      Stripe Shirts Manufacturer and Supplier

      We manufacturer and supply polyester cotton shirts with stripes and they are readily available with us in Mumbai. We have shirts for men and women and they are available in over a dozen colours. We also offer the option of branding with embroidery, printing and/or eco-encryption of your logo.