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      Ruffty Polo

      Product Code: RUFFTY POLO MEN

      Ruffty Polo

      Get distinguished from the rest with solid bold colours along with contrast trimmings in its contemporary fit.

      Our 100% cotton polos are sure to keep you cool through the summer. Ruffty has been designed for longevity while playing golf, tennis or other athletic endeavours or just lounging around your adobe.

      Product Specifications:

      • 250 - 260 gsm
      • 100% combed ring-spun cotton
      • Pique knit
      • Compacted Pre-shrunk
      • Double needle stitch on the shoulder, sleeves and bottom hem
      • 3 Button placket with dyed to match buttons and bottom
      • Soft flow dyed
      • Colour fastness Guaranteed

      Ideal Usage:

      Weekend office wear

      Size Chart

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      Based in Mumbai, Casablanca Apparels Pvt. Ltd. has been in the business of manufacturing promotional t-shirts for over 26 years. During this time we have catered to quite literally every type of client and their brand-specific requirements- be it for corporate events, a product launch, company logos and branding. With two decades worth of experience under our belt we’ve had our fair share of trial and error. In an effort to thrive as wholesale T-shirt suppliers in Mumbai, we have repeatedly tweaked the production process to bring it to its finest form, installed new, state-of-the-art machinery as well asnarrowed our focus into analysing the market in order to stay relevant with the passage of time as well as foster a relationship of mutual trust with our clientele and live up to their expectations from us. In doing this we have carved out a niche for ourselves in the world of t-shirt manufacturing and have since been able to offer our clients only the best of our services.

      A t-shirt is one of the most effective ways of branding as the placement options are varied and it creates brand visibility that may not be otherwise easily achieved. How often does one find a piece of clothing that fits right, is affordable and of high quality? If you’re under the impression that shelling out big money is the only way you can guarantee that, you may have to think again. Oftentimes we aren’t really aware of the source of the products we purchase, especially when it comes to clothing. When purchasing a T-shirt (which is a clothing item most people live in or at least wear on the daily) we often overlook the tell-tale signs of inferior cotton quality. In paying attention to the details, the hem, the finishing and quite simply even the feel of the fabric, we maybe able to gauge the durability of the item from the get-go.

      Casablanca Apparels manufactures Plain Polo T-shirts in 42 ready colours with t-shirt qualities ranging all the way from 220 GSM (Gram per square metre) which is fine cotton to 280 GSM that is relatively heavier cotton. Amongst our blended Cotton-Polyester T-shirts, the one that stands out is Cotton Sports. Ideal for event launches or staff uniforms, this t-shirt has been designed for comfort especially in humid conditions as it provides you with the softness of cotton on the inside while the outside fabric is Polyester which is known for its durability. Being corporate t-shirt manufacturers, we pay attention to detail and monitor the production at every step. We have developed a collection of 25 colour combinations in brands like Ruffty and Carbonni as well as premium quality cotton T-shirts which are made with bio-washed fabric from the brand 69 Turtles.

      Here at Casablanca, we understand the importance of branding and the role our products play in representing a client’s company or service. Throughout the years, in experimenting with new styles and patterns of t-shirts, our quality has never been compromised. If you wish to bulk order t-shirts that are reasonably priced, then look no further as Casablanca Apparels is India’s largest t-shirt manufacturing company and is known for providing high quality t-shirts.