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      69 Turtles Roundneck

      Product Code: 69TURTLES RN

      Colours Available:

      *Colours viewed on the computer may differ from the original product.

      69 Turtles Roundneck

      100% ring-spun cotton fabric in its contemporary fit makes Fine Cotton a perfect choice for millennials.

      2% lycra on the rib ensures the neck retains its shape after multiple washes.

      Its soft flow dyeing with colour fastness makes it perfect to print on.

      Product Specifications:

      • 170-180 GSM
      • 100% ring-spun cotton
      • Narrower lycra ribbed neckline
      • Pre-shrunk and Compacted
      • Double-needle stitch on the sleeves and bottom hem
      • Colour fastness Guaranteed

      Ideal Usage:

      College students, road shows and even for mass promotions

      Size Chart